Our Skylights Brighten Your View

Need a more natural solution to your lighting needs? Allen Consulting Group, Inc. uses the best skylight materials in the business: DayStar Natural Lighting Skylight Systems. Cut down on your electrical lighting needs and energy bills. You can do this by allowing more natural sunlight to stream into your business. Thanks to high-performance skylights, you can experience the power of electric lights even on an overcast day! DayStar’s unique design is able to collect, amplify and disperse light evenly. And, you can do this no matter what the size of your building. Domes featuring water tight seams can keep leaks at bay. This means you save on operational costs and reduce your chance of problems. Allen Consulting Group is your first choice for easy, dependable skylight installation.

Benefits of DayStar Skylights

So, how would you like to save on long-term energy costs for your business? Now you can. Here, you can check out the many benefits of incorporating DayStar skylights to your business:

  • Increase property value
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Lower energy costs
  • Easy to install by experienced professionals
  • Customized to roof type
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Proven high performance
  • Affordable price tag
  • Finally, easy operation

Thus, the experts at Allen Consulting Group are certified installers of DayStar skylights. Consequently, you can rest assured you’re getting reliable service at a great cost. Choose our high-performance natural lighting systems to complement your commercial or industrial business. With more than 100 years in business, Allen Consulting Group brings unparalleled attention to detail to every roofing project. So, let us suggest the best combination and type of skylight system to maximize your natural lighting needs.

Contact Allen Consulting Group About Skylights

For more information on the skylights we use, contact Allen Consulting Group, Inc. at 800-914-8667. Or, email us at In conclusion, our professionals have a combined 100 years of experience. As such, we specialize in guiding commercial and industrial business owners in making wise roofing decisions.