USP Underlayment Specialties Plus

USP Underlayment

USP Underlayment Specialties Plus
USP Underlayment Specialties Plus

High Performance Roof and Wall Underlayment

Air Barrier Membranes

SRP breathable membranes are multi-layer, spun bonded materials that control moisture intrusion and accumulation in the wall and roof assembly. SRP membranes resist water and air penetration while allowing water vapor to escape.

SRP AirOutshield SA 280 (Self-Adhered Breathable Membrane)

Self Adhered, water vapor permeable air barrier for Rain Screen Walls and Sloped Roofing Systems. installed in walls and sloped roofs behind the primarty water shedding surface, SRP AirOutshield SA 280 functions as the air barrier, sheathing membrane underlayment and, secondary drainage plane.

AirOutshield Roof (Breathable Roof Membrane)

Installed in sloped roofing systems as a water vapor permeable air barrier and secondary drainage plane. Ideal for use in insulated, sloped roofs covered with metal, clay, cedar and other systems requiring an underlayment or slip sheet.

AirOutshield Wall (Breathable Wall Membrane)

A sheathing membrane, secondary drainage plane and air barrier behind rainscreen wall cladding systems.

AirOutshield UV (Open Joint UV Membrane)

Black air barrier with long term UV resistance. Designed specifically for use with open jointed rain screen cladding systems including slotted wood siding, panel systems, and other “open joint” systems where resistance to UV exposure is needed.


High Temperature Roofing Underlayment

RoofTopGuard II and RoofTopGuard SA (Self-Adhered)

RoofTopGuard II is the newest technology in high-performance roofing underlayment. Recommended for use in place of standard underlayments such as 15 and 30-pound felt, RoofTopGuard II blows the competition away when it comes to performance and installer-friendliness.

Superior Foot Traction

RooftopGuard II’s exclusive “Fiber-grip” surface is slip resistant offering superior foot traction – independent laboratory tests show RoofTopGuard II has more friction and slip resistance than standard roofing felt, and other plymer-based underlayments can’t match it for performance. Its excellent moisture barrier and wide-roll reduces the need for ice and water protection. And, RoofTopGuard II contains no asphalt or asbestos – zero out-gassing.

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