As we have grown and continued to develop strong ties across the Midwest, the numbers have reflected the hard work of many hands. Tom has been recognized by Duro-Last as the 2nd or 3rd highest in sales for over 20 years and in 2017, he was awarded 2nd greatest sales increase over his best year.

“I have been working with Tom for almost 25 years now and he is, by far, our most technically fit sales representative. Tom has the keen sense to know when a contractor needs that extra attention on a project or could use some additional training. Mix that with a top notch salesman who can sell ice to an Eskimo and you can see why Tom is always in the top 5 in sales every year. Tom surrounds himself with good, honest, hard-working people that share the same vision that has made him so successful. I have learned a tremendous amount from Tom over the years. He is very well respected by his customers, peers and the corporate team at Duro-Last.” – Mike Gwizdala, General Manager of Exceptional Metals 

With our annual Duro-Last sales approaching $18 Million, many of our contractors have also risen to the impressive top ranks of the company. We believe in recognizing and rewarding hard work and are incredibly proud of the achievements we’ve seen.

We have 6 contractors who are recognized within Duro-Last in the top 20 contractors in the nation. Two of those contractors rank in the top four, Nohava Construction and The Duerson Corporation.

As one of the top four Duro-Last Roofing contractors, Duerson Corporation has worked closely with Tom to grow their businesses to multi-million dollars in sales.

“I certainly would not be where I am at today without Tom’s help.” -Kirk Duer

We are blessed to have long-term relationships with more than 50 contractors who have been dedicated to installing the highest quality roofs with us for over 20 years, some even exceeding 30 years of partnership. We’re truly dedicated to working together with our contractors to build successful and sustainable businesses.