Fridley Palms Theatres & IMAX

Fridley Palms Theatres & IMAX


Fridley Palms Theatres & IMAX – Waukee, Iowa


White 80 mil Duro-Tuff


McDermott & Son Roofing Co., LLC – Atlantic, IA


82,197 sq. ft. 80 mil Duro-Tuff


This new state of the art building is the largest venue for Fridley theaters. With 82,197 sf of theaters and service area it is truly a creative statement for all to enjoy. Protecting this investment is a strong resilient assembly from Duro-Last, Inc.  The roof assembly layers consisted of a 1″ ISO insulation base layer over the metal deck, Duro-Blue air barrier, a 2.5″ ISO layer followed by a 2″ ISO layer. The cover board is the super high density 1/2″ Everboard product followed with the 80 mil Duro-Tuff product. Application of the membrane was induction welded on the surface of the rigid cover board. This particular roof assembly was chosen for wear and longevity due to 90% of the roof surface being covered with ballasted solar panels. Another challenge was the setting of the multiple large air handlers by helicopter. The custom flashed, large curbs were assembled and ready for this special operation. The wind resistant two piece compression metal edge was used for the perimeter finish. An Exceptional Metals – Artisan soffit was also used in a vertical architectural design matching the edging color. The Palms theater project received Duro-Lasts’ 25 year warranty.