Interior Wall Panels

Interior Wall Panels

Interior Wall Panels

We Offer Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Panels Designed for Noise Reduction

Any good room needs excellent sound absorption. If you have do not have effective sound absorption, we can provide a solution for any kind of application that requires deadening of undesirable noise levels within an enclosed space. In addition, you will experience improved comfort for all your employees and customers. Many industrial and commercial business owners come to Allen Consulting Group, Inc. for help in selecting quality acoustic interior wall and ceiling panels. Let us show you why the Tectum product line offers a superior substrate for your new or retrofit roofing system.

Tectum acoustic wall or ceiling panels can complement any type of roof system, thanks to aspen wood fibers, bonded with an exclusive hydraulic cement binder. Not only are they durable, they offer excellent sound absorption, are lightweight, and provide significant structural strength. In addition, they provide long-term structural integral properties that save you money and increase your hearing comfort. Tectum wall and ceiling panels also happen to be environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable to meet industry standards.

Key Benefits

Designed for wood or metal furring strips, there are many advantages associated with these interior wall and ceiling panels:

  • Reduces noise – NRC up to 1.00
  • Class A/1 Flame Spread Rating
  • Durability – Tough, abuse resistant.
  • R-Value – 1.75 / in. Can be field painted – for best results use an alkali-stable flat latex base paint spray applied (approx. 300 sq. ft. per gallon)
  • Easy to install and offers a variety of uses
  • Economical

Contact Us About Interior Wall Panels

For more information on our interior wall panels, contact Allen Consulting Group, Inc. at 800-914-8667 or email us at Thus, we would be happy to review the effectiveness and protective qualities that our interior wall panels offer.