Private Residence - Kansas City, Missouri

PROJECT: Private Residence

CITY: Kansas City, Missouri 

PRODUCT: Bear Creek Collection, Century Shake 


This private residence was one of the first in the country to use the new Bear Creek Collection - Century Shake. They used a blend of 60% Sienna and 40% Ebony Mist. The homeowners replaced their existing wood shake roof with the appearance of wood shakes, without all of the maintenance. 
Kerr Residence 1 Kerr Residence 2

The home's original roof was wood shake. See the difference in appearance. 

A custom color blend of 60% Sienna and 40% Ebony Mist was chosen for this home.
Kerr Residence 3 Kerr Residence 4
Choosing Bear Creek Collection was an upgrade in appearance and longevity as well as a downgrade in required maintenance.  Completed

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