Private Residence - Des Moines, Iowa


PROJECT: Private Residence, Des Moines, IA

CONTRACTOR: Koopman Roofing, Pella, Iowa

PRODUCT: 14" Lanai, weathered



This 1935 home was ready to replace the original historic Flat Slab, slushed surface, Shingle tile.   The new tile selected closely matched an addition and garage which had been added to the home.  The 14" Lanai weathered surface tile was natural clay red, with full-range ebony mist, to blend with the existing tile.  The home ws trimmed with V-Hip/Ridge, copper flashing and window dormers.

Colmana Picture1a
The home’s original roof was done in Historic Flat
Slab Single tile with a hand slushed surface.
A view of the back of the residence
with the original tile.
Colman1 Colman3
32 Square of 14” Lanai weathered surface tile was used to upgrade the value and overall appearance of this private residence.

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