Calvary Church Commons

PROJECT: Calvary Church Commons Muscatine, Iowa 

INSTALLERS: Calvary Church, Maintenance

PRODUCT: DayStar Natural Daylighting System

AMOUNT OF PRODUCT: Nine 4' x 4' skylights

Nine 4' X 4' DayStar Skylights were installed in the Calvary Church commons, converting the very dark area to a bright, welcoming, comfortable, naturally lit gathering area. The new DayStar Skylights reduced electric consumption and eliminated the constant artificial lighting hum. DayStar Skylights offer full spectrum light, energy efficiency and conservation, promote productivity/morale and add to the value of the building.
calvary1 calvary2
Commons prior to installation utilizing halogen lights. Commons after DayStar Skylight installation.
calvary3 calvary4
Letting in natural light reduced electrical usage. Natural light on the right and halogen light on left.

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