DayStar: Project Showcase

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University Installations
125 4'x4' DayStar Skylight Units
"The skylights have made such a vast improvement in the gym that the students and faculty almost feel like they're exercising outdoors. That's how great the lighting is." – Facilities Manager

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University Installations
125 4'x4' DayStar Skylight Units
"We really like them and we don't even turn the electric lights on anymore." "The natural lighting is so much more pleasing to the eye than the yellowish fluorescent lights." – Facilities Manager

Daystar Summit024_28768026BEA3E

Summit Discount Groceries
456 Kin-Mill Road, Meyersdale, PA
8 4'x4' DayStar Skylight units with 8' light shafts
"The DayStar Skylight System made the working area brighter and much easier for our visually impaired personnel to see. I like the way they look and the way the lighting shafts extend down, which seems to put out a lot more light. Our workers really like the skylights." – Mervin Yoder

Daystar muskegan_4B87F99A2EECE

Muskegon Career Tech Center
200 Harvey Street, Muskegon, MI
10 4'x4' DayStar Skylight Units
"Even when I come into the building at night there is still illumination from the skylights provided by the moon and stars. We just can't believe how much light there is, even at night." – Mike Carpenter

Daystar KeystoneAir002_50637CA66238B

Keystone Air Products
1234 South College Street, Myerstown, PA
4'x4' & 2'x4' DayStar Skylight units
"It's amazing how bright it is in here, even on cloudy and rainy days. Now I'm able to save on LP costs. I can turn the LP off sooner in the morning and go an hour longer before having to turn LP back on." – Jonas Zook

Daystar Coblentz_1_DB867C09BBB87

Coblentz Furniture
Applecreek, OH
3 DayStar Skylight Units
"The DayStar skylights made a huge difference in our showroom. Before, our customers couldn't see the beauty of the wood furniture. Now the furniture looks so much better." – Linda

Daystar BBs101_6FD98D5C5D9BC

BB's Grocery Outlet
20 Quigly Road, Newburg, PA
65 4'x4' DayStar Skylight units
"We really enjoy working in the brighter building. Plus, we have experienced an energy savings by reducing our cooling costs because we no longer have the heat from LP lights." – Emanual Kauffman

Daystar Weaver_1_A2EB57AEAEC42

Weaver Leather
Mt. Hope, OH
6 DayStar Skylight Units
"Our workers have expressed how much easier it is to see for stitching and trimming threads. Also, during power outages we are able to maintain production because we can still see what we're doing. The DayStar skylights create a whole new atmosphere." – Jim Weaver

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