DayStar: How It Works

How the DayStar System Works

Using a technologically designed parabolic dome for gathering natural light, the DayStar Daylighting System directs sunlight through an ultra reflective shaft to a specially developed lens for diffusing highly concentrated light into a full, broad lighting pattern.

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Sunlight is gathered and diffused through an ultra- clear outer dome and inner collimation dome lens.

2. Roof Curbs
Insulated roof curbs made of galvalume steel with continuously welded watertight seams available to match almost any roof pitch and metal rib design. New! Now powder coated to match your roof color. Adds durability and beauty.

3. Light Shaft
Designed to maximize daylight, the insulated panels use a highly reflective interior to amplify light. Aesthetically appealing in open environments, the super insulated light shaft requires no attic support walls and is available in custom lengths.

4. Ceiling Lens
Our specially engineered lens diffuses highly concentrated light into a broad lighting pattern.

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