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Sustainability has been a part of the Duro-Last culture for more than 20 years. our founder, John R. Burt, came up with the idea to make flooring out of scrap. He was able to look at old PVC roofs and manufacturing scrap and reimagine it into resilient flooring, walkway pads and concrete expansion joints.



Duro-Last has a focus on recycling at every step of the product lifecycle. In addition to our manufacturing process that allows scrap to be recycled back into production, our prefabricated roof systems allow roofing contractors to reduce scrap on the job site- meaning less waste ends up in a landfill.


Duro-Last has a take back program where we can take roofs back at the end of their useful life and recycle them. These roofs are recycled into other products, including flooring, walkway pads and concrete expansion joints. This program is offered through all of our plants.


Energy Efficiency:

By reflecting up to 86% of the sun’s energy, Duro-Last’s white membranes can greatly reduce energy consumption and costs. With a total solar emittance of up to 95%, the Duro-Last membrane is ENERGY STAR® qualified, meaning our roofing systems release energy and heat efficiently.


Duro-Last’s high reflectivity is particularly helpful in reducing peak energy demand, or the sharp peak in electrical demand observed in almost every building during the busiest hours of the day. peak demand is a problem because it: - Requires additional power plant capacity, - causes imbalances in the power grid, - can increase air pollution, - may result in monthly charges to building owners that are many times higher than base electrical rates.

Cool roofing technology is one of the best ways to shrink peak demand. A recent analysis demonstrates that the peak demand and net energy savings offered by cool, white roofs are available for both new and existing buildings in all climates within North America.  


Certifications & TransparencySustainability Sheet 2

Although many building products make grand sustainability claims, finding products that have third-party certifications is becoming increasingly important. Duro-Last membranes have obtained the NSF/ANSI 347 Gold Certification, which takes product design, product manufacturing, membrane durability, corporate governance and innovation into consideration, with the first three categories carrying the most weight.                                                                                                                                               

Duro-Last also published the first product-specific PVC environmental product declaration (EPD) in the commercial roofing industry. Certified by global health organization NSF International, EPDs report environmental impact data which assists building contractors, architects and designers in making more informed purchasing decisions.  EPDs are recognized globally and by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System as a preferred reporting tool. Additionally, the recently released LEED version 4 as well as Green Globes, another green building standard, offers additional credits for building materials with EPDs. 

  dl nsf 347 gold certificate

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